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Event Photos

Weekly Meeting
July 26, 2017

We wished a safe trip to Future City Inc. interns Tathiana Leguzaman and Sebastian Prado who will be traveling to Bogata Columbia. They will bring greetings to the local Rotary Clubs from Elizabeth.

Our program was presented by Sebastian, Dr. David Tulloch and Glen Lautenbach of Rutgers University. Their subject was the GeoHealth Workshop.

One of the interesting findings of the study was that City residents who live in close proximity to parks and recreation areas have lower rates of obesity.
Weekly Meeting
July 19, 2017

A great meeting today presented by the Historical Society; Elizabeth NJ.

President Ken Ward spoke about the research by the Historical Society for our 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Among the many interesting things they discovered was the fact the original 25 members of the Elizabeth Club owned businesses within a very close geographical segment of the City. Their locations are shown in the aerial photo.

A power point presentation was then shown by Trustee Michael Simon. Michael reviewed the many interviews he conducted with members past and present of our Club, and shared their views of what made Rotary so important to them.

Hopefully, a future meeting will have videos of the actual interviews.

Weekly Meeting
July 12, 2017

Tracy Parham led us in “The Wisdom Game” today.

Club members were asked to share some “words of wisdom” they received from someone, and how these words have impacted them.

The results were thought provoking and hopefully helpful to everyone.

Firefighter of the Year
July 5, 2017

We were honored to recognize our Elizabeth Rotary Club 2017 Firefighter of the Year, Daniel Beirne.

Chief Thomas McNamara introduced Dan who was selected not only for his work as a Firefighter and Union representative, but also for his involvement with the Fire Department’s Hockey Team, which has raised over $100,000 for local Charities.

Firefighter Beirne was joined by his family and friends from the Elizabeth Fire Department.