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Taste of Elizabeth Photos 2017

Weekly Meeting
January 17, 2018

Our guest speaker today was Heather Kelly, Director of Audience Services for Kean Stage, the Arts venues at Kean University.

Heather updated us on the performances for the 2018 season. The list is available on their website, keanstage.com

If you havenít attended a concert or play at Kean you should do so. The performers are first rate and the venues are spectacular.

President Art Lobdell and January program chairman Ken Richuso thank Heather for visiting us on a snowy Wednesday.
Weekly Meeting
January 10, 2018

A great crowd and a great meeting today as Mayor Chris Bollwage presented his State of the City address to the Elizabeth Rotary Club.

Highlighted in the Mayorís address was our Clubs role in improving the lives of the residents of our great City.

Taste of Elizabeth Chairman Doug Harris presented Certificates of Appreciation to Sebastian Prado and Tathiana Leguizamon for their hard work and salesmanship at our recent event.

Our 50/50 sales were through the roof thanks to them.

Sebastian and Tathiana also recently visited Columbia and attended a meeting of the Club Bogata Chico. They presented President Art Lobdell with a Club banner.

The big winner of the day was Aaron Goldblatt who drew the lucky card! Treasurer Ray Vega congratulates Aaron.